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October Update

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Dear Neighbor,
You have not heard from us in a while because your small group of neighbor volunteers have been working our tails off!   

We have been busy fighting the Portland Water Bureau’s filtration plant in land use battles in two counties!

To catch you up:
In Clackamas County
, our community’s hired lawyer, Carrie Richter, turned in a stellar performance at the August appeal hearing (she comes in at 1:15).  Just like at June’s Multnomah hearing, we surprised Portland yet again with our well researched arguments and testimony.  Once again, they asked for more time to respond – another blow landed!  We are currently in an extended rebuttal period, with a decision before the end of the year most likely.

In Multnomah County, we completed our final rebuttal period in September with our volunteers turning in a whopping 66 pieces of written and video testimony!  We even got a drone involved to show the dangers of the truck traffic Portland wants to dump on our community. Yet again, Portland asked for extra time to respond, showing we are pushing back hard!  A decision is due in December.

Whatever the outcome, one or both of these cases will be appealed to the Land Use Board of Appeals (LUBA).  We will continue to need the help of our excellent lawyer on our team, directing what to focus on and how to say it so that we can win!  Together we are making our best case!

To support our efforts, we will be holding a Community Meeting and Fundraiser.  Please view the details on our home page and come out to support our community in fighting the mega-industrial Portland project!