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Community Meeting June 11 re: Contaminated Soil

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It has come to our attention that the Portland Water Bureau has tried to save a drop in the bucket amount of money on their $2B mega-industrial filtration plant by applying for a DEQ permit to store and use excavated contaminated soil on the project site!

The permit asks for 110,000 cubic yards of soil that is contaminated 3-5 times beyond the law’s “safe fill criteria” to be stored on site for 4-5 years, versus trucking it to a specialized contaminated soil landfill. They would then use the soil for fill.

That contaminated soil would fill 2 football fields32 feet deep!

Did you hear about this from a DEQ notice to the area? Most have not.
While the comment period closed after just two weeks, our volunteers asked for it to be re-opened so that our community could hear more details from the DEQ (Department of Environmental Quality) and decide for ourselves if we think it sounds safe.

DEQ has agreed to hear from the community and offered to attend a combined DEQ/Cottrell Community Planning Organization/Pleasant Home Community Association community meeting to discuss the PWB contamination issue.

Cottrell CPO will have a short opening statement and take care of some brief housekeeping, including a vote for CPO officers for those community members who reside in Clackamas county. We are required to do this periodically. As there were no new nominations that came in, it could be a fairly simple vote, with the current officers names being the ones submitted.

After this brief business, the DEQ will make a presentation, answer questions, and ask for feedback.

Please mark your calendars for this community meeting and show up, hear the details, and ask all the hard questions! This is our community and it is up to us to protect it!

Community Meeting
Tuesday, June 11, 6:30 PM
Pleasant Home Community Church
32120 SE Dodge Park Blvd, Gresham

Please share with neighbors who may be interested! Thank you!