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The Cottrell CPO is an all-volunteer Community Planning Organization that represents roughly 2,000 households and over 200 businesses within the Orient / Cottrell / Oxbow areas. We advise the Board of Clackamas County Commissioners on land use matters affecting our community. We also can review land use applications and provide recommendations to the Board of County Commissioners.

We are your voice in the County.

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Current Projects

In partnership with Pleasant Home Community Association, we are currently working to stop Portland Water Bureau’s application for an emergency access permit and a conditional land use permit to build a mega-industrial water treatment plant and miles of new pipelines on land strictly zoned for farming and agriculture. Information on our joint effort is shared here on this website, along with negative impacts, safety concerns, and the steps we are taking to best represent our communities from both counties.


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What is Portland Water Bureau up to?
How DOES it affect me?

Portland Water Bureau (PWB) has ‘projected’ construction on the plant and pipelines to take 5 years. We could see up to 300 dump trucks and heavy duty construction vehicles going back and forth to construction and dump sites in our communities every day.     

FIVE YEARS of construction = FIVE YEARS of

  • increase in fire & emergency response times
  • road closures, detours and delays
  • increased commute times
  • environmental hazards
  • more pot holes & road debris
  • more traffic = more serious & fatal accidents

Why We Should ALL Oppose This Project

The list of ways the construction and operation of the water treatment plant and new pipeline will negatively impact our community and resources is endless. Here are just a few of the key points to consider, and how they could affect you.

Multnomah Fire District #10 is OPPOSED 

Multnomah County Rural Fire Protection District #10 states it is too great a risk to our kids’ and our community’s safety

  • RFPD #10 states that any increase in call load relating to the construction or operation of the proposed filtration plant reduces the availability of limited Station 76 staff & equipment to respond to other emergency calls within our community and neighboring service areas
  • Massive amounts of hazardous chemicals will be used in daily plant operations. PWB expects 1,300 trucks per year to transport chemicals and waste on our roads, even in dangerous weather conditions. This presents a constant, critical risk to our community and already limited emergency resources
  • RFPD #10 and Fire Station #76 are not equipped to respond adequately to a mega-industrial plant emergency

Rural Fire District #10 states in their decision that “no plan can fully eliminate hazards, conflicts or disruptions”

Gresham Barlow School District is OPPOSED 
  • Gresham Barlow School District opposes the plant and pipeline citing overwhelming and unacceptable risk to student safety
  • GBSD has received no clear guidance from PWB on which bus routes will be affected due to pipeline construction
  • Increased traffic during construction and ongoing daily operation adds unnecessary risk and threatens the safety of student drivers, bus drivers, students waiting at bus stops, students walking to/from school and parking areas, and student pick/drop off areas
$$$   The REAL Cost   $$$

This plant and pipelines are NOT MANDATED as we are led to believe, and the projected cost has already tripled to $1.5 Billion

  • This project is rate payer funded according to PWB’s website. Federal loans only cover a portion and must be paid back by PWB raising rates and increasing your water bill for the next decade
  • Detours, delays and road closures will affect our commutes and increase the risk for more serious & fatal car accidents involving construction traffic and hazardous chemical transport trucks 
  • Home values will undoubtedly go down, especially during construction

Yes! IT CAN! But we need your help! The time to act is NOW!!

  • Multnomah County has yet to approve PWB’s application to build the plant. It is currently under review. Opposition is needed NOW!
  • Cottrell CPO & Pleasant Home Community Association are working with attorneys & experts to assist in stopping the permit
  • With no opposition, PWB’s application could be quietly approved and trucks could soon start rolling!
  • If not stopped, this WILL set a precedent for more mega-industrial development to invade your community and take over more rural and agricultural areas

Cottrell CPO is an all-volunteer Community Planning Organization, and we need your help! Please consider joining us, volunteering, and donating to help stop the City of Portland from invading our community.

  • Donate! Cottrell CPO is a 501(c)(3) non-profit. 100% of your donation is used to STOP PWB. Funds support experts and legal counsel to continue to represent our opposition against PWB’s proposed plant
  • Stay informed! Visit this website frequently for important updates, community meetings, and ongoing ways you can help
  • Share with your neighbors, ratepayers, and anyone in the widespread impact zone of this unnecessary project
  • Get involved with us! Come to meetings, volunteer your time and skills, send us your concerns we can share with the team

It’s TIME to come together and get organized!

Donate! Cottrell CPO is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and your donation is a tax write off! We need funds to keep the team of attorneys and professionals present and prepared at every step of this fight.

Checks for donation can be mailed to:
PO Box 1411
Boring, OR 97009



Here’s All The Info The Multnomah County Planning Department Will Be Using To Decide Upon Granting Or Denying Pwb’s Application To Build The Filtration Plant: